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The technology

The 3D printing method is a new revolution for the global economy. Month by month, this innovative technology is becoming part of the value chains in every industry

The watch « SPECIMEN 01 » has been produced by laser fusion additive manufacturing. Such 3D printing entails the fusion, layer by layer, of a fine metallic powder using a high-powered laser.

This technology allows the direct formation of complex geometric shapes that cannot be produced by traditional methods. Bringing creativity and innovation to their respective worlds, which are highly technical and very demanding, is one of the missions of both STAINLESS and UTINAM.


The Manufacture

STAINLESS and Philippe Lebru recognised that for this additive manufacturing project to succeed, they would need to surround themselves with suitably qualified personnel. The UIMM Besancon training centre, at their in-house “Créativ Lab”, has a modern 3D printer able to process metallic raw materials. Teams of tutors, and also apprentices, are trained in the use of this equipment and were capable of mastering the production process necessary for the manufacture of SPECIMEN 01.

This training centre was therefore vital to the smooth running of this project and contributed to prototype improvements through skill, knowledge and guidance: for example, regarding design feasibility. Design time was reduced considerably as a result.